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AFM is your partner for increased growth, wealth and retention.  We sell profit. We have the products and training to help your dealership reach your goals.

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Commercial Trucks

So when we’re talking about commercial trucks, most people think that commercial is going to be class five, six, seven, or eight series. AFM First considers class one through class eight trucks to be the opportunity for commercial.

Commercial Vehicles

We have a no-year model, no minus limitation on a service contract, and we're
able to extend that to dealers' customers commercial vehicles, including Uber, Lyft and commercial trucks.


You need to increase your gross margins. Let us train your team to increase your penetration and decrease cancellations.

Recreational Vehicles

AFM offers recruitment, training, staff development, and enhancement. Our team is your profit partner for individual sales and long-term profit for dealers.

Powersport Products

If it has wheels we have warranties and services to drive revenue and satisfied customers. Don’t miss these valuable profit centers that your customers want and need.

We consider class one through eight to be the opportunity for commercial.

For class one, two, and three, we have exclusionary coverage. 100% percent of whatever’s on the vehicle is going to be covered, including any of the hydraulics or the electric lines. It’s important that commercial vehicles are covered for hydraulics and electrical in addition to bumper to bumper.

When we move to class four, five, and six typical coverage is more limited in terms of the engine, the transmission, the turbocharger, the transfer case, the drive axle suspension system, the electrical, and accessories including electrical accessories. This is where we distinguish ourselves. Because again, if it’s a dump truck, we’re going to cover the hydraulics that makes the truck dump, we will cover electrics that make a truck jump, and we will cover the reefer unit for the air conditioning. Most commercial companies are very limiting with a basic true powertrain service contract. AFM contracts will give you the additional coverage that you need.

We can go back nine mile years, and that’s up to 225,000 miles

Our pricing is very simplistic; we consider a one-year-old with less than 12,000 miles a new vehicle. We can provide a four or a six-year program on any used truck as long as it has less than 125,000 miles. We can provide a one, two, or three-year plan if the truck has 125,000 miles to 225,000 miles.

Retail shop work can be done at any authorized facility, a franchise store, or an ASC-certified facility that can work on commercial vehicles. Our commercial insurance is one hundred percent parts and labor with a standard retail deductible of either $100 or $200. Towing and rental are covered up to $200. If the truck has a trailer and it’s attached, we’re also going to pick up trailer towing and bring it to the repair facility.

AFM coverages far exceed the competition. Our contracts build your reputation and trust with your customers.

Commercial Trucks

Our program with its one hundred percent parts and labor with a standard retail deductible of either $100 or $200 far exceeds the competition for commercial trucks.

  • All Truck Parts
  • All Labor
  • $100 to $200 Deductible
  • Hydraulic Coverage
  • Electrical Coverage
  • Reefer Coverage
  • Four to Six-Year New Truck Coverage¬†
  • One to Three Years 125,000 to 225,000 Miles
  • Best Coverage in the Industry