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Build. Retain. Grow.

AFM sells profit.

Where are your numbers?

What is your penetration rate? How are you stacking up against the national numbers, your 20-group, or your own internal projections?

How do you increase sales?

Increasing penetration and decreasing cancellations are paramount to driving revenue.  Your customers need to know what they bought, how much did it cost and what is the long-term value.

How do you get there?

AFM assists in staffing and training new or existing business management.  We partner with your organization to provide exceptional support to produce optimal sales. 



Developing wealth requires a multi-faceted approach.  Dealerships need tools for on-going short-term and long-term revenue-generating opportunities.



Knowledge is power and AFM provides on-going product training and development for your staff. If staffing is an issue we will recruit and staff your dealership. An educated staff knows how to sell and retain your contracts.



Is your product penetration exceeding your goals? Does your team know strategies to reduce contract cancellations? If you’ve answered no, let’s talk.  We’ll train your team to start building wealth and long-term clients.

AFM Development Leader

James J. Thompson

You need to walk the walk to understand an auto dealer’s operational challenges. Running an auto dealership is a tough business and staying ahead of your own goals is a daily pressure cooker.

James J. Thompson, AFM’s President, has the fortitude and background to drive business development teams to increase dealership profits while enhancing customer relations. James’ background as an Officer in the US ARMY Special Forces Group (Airborne) and his experience as an instructor at the United State Military Academy at West Point developed a keen attention to detail and the ability to explain complex issues to new recruits.

Upon leaving the military, James obtained his MBA and developed a national reputation for warranty and contract excellence. Some of his accomplishments include; launching General Electric’s Vehicle Service Contract program, developed and implemented the first successful service drive program in the industry, identified gaps, and developed dealer solutions, owned and administered a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty selling over 3,000 policies per month, developed numerous dealer CFC and DOWC relationships. James Thompson was a Dealer Principle for Hammonton Auto Group (Ford, Mercury, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep.)

Under the leadership of James J. Thompson, the AFM team has a depth of knowledge and business experience that is unmatched.

AFM will increase your bottom line.

Automotive Leader with 40 years of experience

It takes know-how and hands-on development to build successful programs that generate revenue. We guide dealers who want an extra slice of the pie on how to create long-term revenue streams with insurance and warranty programs.